A&Fine defines corporate culture is heart blood of sustainable development in a company, transmit sense of worth, management philosophy on employees to shape into a high cohesion, high loyalty work team. The work passion and work creative of employees is the energy to urge company development.

Enterprising Spirit {Specialized, Speed, Synergic, Innovative}

Specialized: Specialized, Concentrated and Succeeded

Speed: Stand in the front edge of the agriculture, Improved by the competing

Synergic: Good internal communication, Mutual benefit with external, creating a harmonious environment

Innovation: Keep studying, Keep Exceeding , Learn advantages and Ready for challenge.

Mission Statement

To ensure that its highly qualified employees apply their expertise in environmental friendly, manufacturing quality products, increase farm productivity and perennially provide better and efficient solutions to farmers.

Corporate Values { Commitment, Participation, Benefited }

Core-competitiveness will determine the space of living, our core value is commitment, participation and benefited, proposing to create the wealth, and establishing the sense of mission, responsibility, honor and achievement.

We treat the staff improving themselves, devoted themselves as our talent.

Our proposal is to study the new way of thinking in the practice and adapt to the changing environment;

Enhance the execution of overall company.