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It is over more than ten years experiences we are standing and working together, by the unremitting efforts of the staff, with the concern and support from the society, A&Fine group is developing rapidly from toddling and sturdy growth, now our business is including intermediates, pesticide technical, biological technology, formulation manufacturing, engineering service and we are becoming one of the large and leading enterprise group in agriculture of Shandong province.

Till now we had experienced too much since the company was founded in 1998, we underwent the frustration and hardship, we never wandered, discouraged and gave up, we brave the difficulties, it makes the strong and steady characters of all the members from A&Fine, and it makes a flourishing situation nowadays.
We should be thankful for the expending effort of A&fine staff, we should engrave everyone who worked and devoted here; recently we are facing the big pressure from the severe economic circumstances both domestic and international market, the whole agrichemical industry is getting through the difficulties we never met before. Our management sized up and adjusted the operational approach in time; we had stepped on the fine management from the extensive style and we had caught tightly the regularity of the development in agrochemical field.
The strong pass of the enemy is like a wall of iron, yet with firm strides, we are conquering its summit; Opportunity and Challenge, Glories and Dreams, the new future of A&Fine group is now revealing before everyone, that how to design is also a new and important option for  everyone, let’s move forward hand in hand and overcome all difficulties together, we can rest assure that we will run into another more splendid tomorrow!