Shandong A&Fine Agrochemicals Group

Shandong A&Fine Agrochemicals Group has become a true multinational company that is capable of manufacturing, formulating and packing, also with worldwide offices managed by highly professional and experienced local crop protection specialists, which makes the products very popular all over the world.

In order to deliver high-quality products with assurances, our products undergo strict quality control by a specific team of high-caliber engineers and technicians. It is complimented by comprehensive work processes, so that the preciseness of the offered results can be ensured. According to the international standards, A&Fine has obtained ISO9001&14001, OHSAS 18001, OECD GLP Certificates successfully. Thus A&Fine is always trying to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction by supplying a wide range of good quality, innovative and high value-added products. Shandong A&Fine Agrochemicals Group is containd Techical manufacuring and Formulation Manufaturing line,with Highly annual capcity.And besides of agrochemical products, A&Fine are covering farm madinary.Farming services to local famers .With this,customers’ demand for all kinds of products can be well satisfied in quantity and on time delivery .

Yijia Machinery Introduction:

Shandong Yijia Agriculture Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is listed branch of new OTC market of Shandong Yijia Group. Located in Shandong Shouguang (Yangkou) Advanced Manufacturing Park, the company is a large machinery manufacturer engaged in R&D, development, production, sales and service of agricultural implements, including medium- and high-end hp tractors, combined implement for subsoiler and turnover plow.
A diversified and differentiated product structure ranging from 35-300hp has come into being. The company has been approved by ISO9001 and ISO14000 and won over 30 honorary titles including a High-tech company of Shandong, a pilot of innovative enterprise, a brand product of Shandong and a famous trademark of Shandong.
As a new strength that rises abruptly in agricultural machinery manufacturing, the company takes quality as its lifespring. Aiming at innovation, being realistic and win-win cooperation, the company adheres to a honest business philosophy with people as its base, to build itself a platform for global agricultural machinery logistics, agricultural equipment trading and farmland orders with wider vision, more sturdy determination and more vigorous spirit. The company will continuously improve its performance in service engineering, service distribution, spare parts guarantee, promotion of new machines, service of new technology and customers care so as to make company always vigorous and energetic.

Introduction of Yijia Preparation:

Pesticide industry sector has an area of more than 80 acres of standardized preparation processing plant, 220 employees, nearly 20,000 tons of pesticide products per year, is the larger pesticide production and marketing enterprises in Weifang, its "billion Jia" , "double star" two major brands by the People Trust. The company has registered more than 100 varieties in three series of pesticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators with the Ministry of Agriculture, it can produce water suspending agent, water dispersible granule, granule agent, hydrochloric acid salt water agent, emulsifiable concentrate, wettable powder, seed coating agent and so on. The company has set up eight sales areas, nearly 2,000 distributors, and invested in more than 300 village-level direct stores in Weifang, through its own import and export companies and traders exported to Europe and the United States, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

Original medicine:

The original Pesticide Business Board has 2 production bases covering a total area of nearly 300 mu, they are the North Sea Branch of Shandong Yijia Agrochemical Co. , Ltd. , located in Bohai Sea Chemical Park, Yangkou town, Shouguang, and the Weifang Shuangxing Agrochemical Co. , Ltd. , located in Binhai Economic Development Zone, Weifang, its main business pesticide intermediates, the original drug research and development, production and sales, with an annual output of 5000 tons, the main products are chlorfenapyr, propiconazole, difenoconazole, tetrabromopyrrole and so on. Through the combination of domestic and foreign trade to export high-quality intermediates and pharmaceutical products to the world, has the world's top 500 Johnson & Johnson's in-depth cooperation, and has begun strategic cooperation with Germany BASF.

Agricultural chain:

The company's direct chain started in 2007, relying on the enterprise for Shandong Yijia Agricultural Chain Sales Co. , Ltd. , has nearly 400 employees, the company positioning to agricultural chain, logistics distribution, a full range of plant protection services, is the Ministry of Commerce "Wancun Qianxiang Market Project" undertaking enterprises and 10 excellent agricultural management enterprises in Shandong Province. The company in line with "buy assured agricultural materials, to Yijia Chain" business philosophy, committed to serving agriculture, rural areas, Weifang has built more than 300 chain stores. The company implements the "six unified" innovative business model of "unified identification, unified purchase, unified pricing, unified management, unified service and unified distribution" in the true sense of direct chain stores without franchise stores, realized from the factory to the field first one-stop direct.