Zhu Ailing, Chairman Of The Group Was Awarded The Chinese Vegetable Industry Out

2015-04-28 Shandong A&Fine Agrochemicals Group 阅读 284
 March 16, 2014, by the China Association of vegetables, Shouguang Municipal People's government, Shouguang Municipal Propaganda Department of the CPC, Shouguang City Civilization Office, vegetables in North China newspaper sponsored the 2014 "Lutheran dish Xiang Chuan Fu China Jiangbei Xiang Cai" activities held in Chinese vegetable greenhouses, birthplace of Shouguang City three Yuan Zhu Cun.
The event announced the "China vegetable industry outstanding figures for the three rural issues", "China vegetable industry integrity agricultural enterprises" 2013 most popular vegetable fertilizer brand "," 2013 China good seeds, 2013 most popular vegetable pesticide brand ", 2013 most welcomed by farmers of agricultural machinery brand" six awards.

Kerry Group Chairman million Zhu Ailing because has been the heart of the agriculture, rural areas and farmers, creating a "Yijia", "double star" and other well-known domestic pesticide brand, founded the "Shandong Jiayi Agricultural Chain Sales Co., Ltd.", provides the optimal solution for the Chinese farmer friend, won the "Chinese vegetables industry outstanding figures for the three rural issues" award. Double star pesticide because of its excellent quality, huge brand influence, welcomed by the farmers' friends, won the 2013 most popular pesticide Brand Award.