I warmly congratulate our company for being assessed for the famous brand of Sha

2015-04-28 Shandong A&Fine Agrochemicals Group 阅读 323

According to "Shandong famous trademark determination and protection measures" and the relevant provisions, the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce strictly review, "Yijia" trademark of our company is Shandong Province Bureau of industry and Commerce assessment as "famous brand of Shandong Province", this is our company brand honor and tidings of great joy.

The famous brand is a comprehensive embodiment of enterprise reputation, image and strength. In the increasingly prominent role of the trademark today, people's trademark registration and trademark protection awareness has been greatly improved, more and more companies in the protection of trademark registration and trademark protection of intellectual property rights. As a pesticide industry well-known enterprises, in the fierce market competition, my company has been more concerned with the issue of trademark protection, always put the trademark registration and protection as the important work of the enterprises, the implementation of brand development to drive the strategy, a full range of market development, efforts to build the intrinsic quality of "Yijia" brand, to prevent unscrupulous traders with counterfeit products near the "brand name" illegal behavior. Over the past few years company many times in the whole nation each big media were brand communication, hold various forms of activities, and the use of modern marketing mode, the establishment of a standardized management market network, products exported to Europe, America and so on more than a dozen countries and regions, enterprises at home and abroad visibility and higher and higher.
The period of validity of a famous brand of Shandong Province for three years, calculated since the date of the announcement, was identified as the famous brand of Shandong Province, will be a series of trademark protection; our company will in accordance with the provisions of the "measures", strictly regulate the trademark use and management, strengthen their own property rights protection.

       Won the "Shandong famous brand" is our company for many years strictly quality management, dedicated customer service, unwavering implementation of brand strategy to win the return, will further enhance the social awareness and reputation of the "Yijia" brand, enhance market competitiveness, effectively promote and promote enterprise development.